Personally Yours Market - Grand Opening  

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The Personally Yours market on 1000 Markets is now open and filling up fast with wonderful personalized merchandise. Every product in the marketplace can be personalized with your own words, phrases, quotes, monograms, initials or photographs.

The vision behind the Personally Yours market, on 1000 Markets, is for a select group of artisans, who design and create handcrafted personalized products, to collectively come together to create a friendly and convenient, one-stop shopping experience for customers searching for a personalized product.

The market offers high-quality, handmade products from jewelry to stationery, home decor and more. For added convenience, you my shop by product type, for an individual recipient or for a special occasion. We hope to make Personally Yours your number-one source for personalized items, with a wide array of styles, products and price points to cater to everyone's needs and wishes.

If you haven't already, drop on over to the market and see what personalized keepsakes and gifts you can find for yourself, loved ones and friends.